Falling For The Ghost of You by Nicole Christie

Falling for the Ghost of You - Nicole Christie


Reasons for not finishing:

"I feel like a brunette trapped in a blonde’s body. Is that weird?"

"He has a funny pained smirk on his face."

"And ladies, do not flash me your boobs. I have a pair of my own, and I have absolutely no desire to see yours. Really, put some clothes on, girls."

"Kissing aversions aside, I can’t wait to see my boyfriend. As I park in front of the sombrero shaped Mexican restaurant, I suddenly feel self conscious and weirdly shy. What will he think of my hair? Will he notice the five pounds I’ve gained? I feel tired and jaded, like I’ve just come back from a war." (This falls beneath the writing section as well. But really, she's the most eager girl in the world, and within the paragraph she's this?)

"Oh, my God. He hooked up with some college skank." (Her boyfriend hasn't even hinted that he has, and she's already calling the girl he theoretically cheated with a skank.)

"How could I not be prepared for something like this? When the mice are away, the cats will play, right?" (Because when a guy's girlfriend is out of town, it's natural for him to cheat on her? Or at least, this is the way Violet makes it sound. So no thank you, I don't like guys being portrayed this way, because most of them would not cheat on you, the same way most women would not cheat on their partner.)

"Slut! a voice in my head screams." (Because when Rachel falls in love with Violet's boyfriend, she's a slut. Like Rachel had a choice. Last time I checked people don't choose who they fall for. So, I understand why Violet would be upset, but calling another girl a slut for this? Not acceptable.)

Hot Guy:

Because Hot Guy (Violet's new stepbrother) is the hottest guy ever walking this earth, and we're reminded all the time of this amazing fact. Plus, I can see where this is going, based on the immature narrative.