Captured by Erica Stevens

Captured - Erica Stevens
She was mouthwatering, alluring without meaning to be, beautiful without even trying, and she was his.

Yes people, it's gonna be one of those vampire stories. Imagine this: a special snowflake rebel, a vampire prince that has never taken a 'blood slave', a plot like to FSoG without the sex. It's been a while since humans were the superior race. Now it's time for vampires to rule. Special Snowflake, aka Arianna, is living in the woods with a group of rebels. One day she's captured among with other of her kind and the humans are auctioned to the vampires. What do you know, Arianna is taken by none other than 'the different' vampire prince Braith. Arianna is then taken to the castle where she expects Braith to do unthinkable things to her. But Braith's different. He's kind to her. Or at least not cruel. So he's different. And yes, he's handsome. Very handsome. So handsome, Arianna can't help beginning to like him, obviously forgetting the fact that she's a trained rebel and he's still keeping her as a blood slave (blood bag).

Anyone see the problem yet?

Really, there are so many things wrong with Captured I'm not even going to start ranting about it. Arianna's supposedly a tough cookie, but she cries half of the time. Five minutes after stepping inside the castle she's giving up hope on escaping. She falls in love with Braith for no reason what so ever, and Braith does the same for no reason what so ever. There's no plot apart from this. None.I'm not even exaggerating. There's zero character development. Arianna's impossible to like, and Braith's the most boring character ever written with his mood swings.

But, how's the writing you may ask? I'll explain it in simple terms. These are words/phrases, and the number after is how many times the word/phrase is used:

heavily - 26
swallowed heavily - 18
wide/widened - 59 (most used describing eyes)
slightly - 109 (!)
jumped slightly - 6
wildly - 20
swiftly - 43
slowly - 108 (!)

There were more words/phrases, but there were some highlights. I believe you get the gist of what I'm saying, both regarding the story - what story? - and the writing. I won't say more than this. It is, I believe, enough.