#BookaDayUK Day 5 & 6

I did mean to have day 5 and 6 in different posts, but I got held up last night and didn't have the energy to fix it. So here it goes.


Day 5 - The Book You Bought Despite The Cover


I haven't bought all the books in this series, but my dislike is for most of them. This simply do not work for me (and neither do the rest of the books). Nothing about this pleases me. The cover does nothing to present what kind of book it is apart from the author's name, which kind of says much on it own. Either way, I enjoy Mead's stories even if this spin-off is a bit of a let down for me. I still love her Vampire Academy series.



Day 6 - Favorite Book of Short Stories


I don't read many collections of short stories, but this one I had to read since she won the Nobel Prize. My knowledge of her work was little before her winning, and I've decided to work my way through some of the Nobel Prize winners, and therefore I read this. And absolutely loved it. She has beautiful prose and, in this one, a way to present different loves with such sensibility. Simply beautiful.