#BookaDayUK Day 3

Tomorrow, When the War Began - John Marsden

Best Home Front novel (declaration of WW3)


To be honest, I have never found much enjoyment in reading books about war. Not about wars that have been nor books about hypothetical wars. Therefore, I haven't read many books that bring up the declaration of WWIII since the books I've read about wars have been more sci-fi and not happening in our world. However, in recent years I've grown quite fond of books on/about war as well. And so, my Best Home Front novel must be this one: Tomorrow, when the war began. 


I simply love how the author strung together this piece of work. How the teenagers' different personalities affect their way of thinking during the invasion of their country. And strongly enjoy the writing style and setting. To put it simply, a much enjoyable read, and a very realistic take on the matter.