Back from my trip!

Hello again!


I came back from Denmark last night and pretty much fell asleep the second I returned home. I think I mentioned it was a school trip in my last post, but if I didn't, now you know. Anyway, our teachers hadn't really told us anything about what we were supposed to do while in Skagen, Denmark. Almost immediately when we arrived, we headed into the harbor (although we lived five minutes away from it). Then we drove out to The Branch (Grenen), Denmark's northernmost point. It's a 4 km (2.4 miles) long sandbar, and at its end two oceans meet. So we walked to the end of it, and stood in the two big seas at the same time. At last, they drove us back to the town and the place we stayed at and just had a good time. 


On Thursday we headed off to Råbjerg mile, a migrating coastal dune. It's around 0.4 mi² and about 130 ft above sea level. And this little thing our teachers had us climbing at nine in the morning. As if that wasn't bad, they had us run a relay race in it. (Okay, it was pretty fun, but still.) After that we headed into a small town called Hirtshals where we visited Nordsøen Oceanarium. Some of us watched them feed seals, but I skipped that since I saw that when I visited Berlin Zoo this spring. Instead I found a place where you could pet some fishes and rays. I hadn't even got to the part what kind of animals you could pet before everyone else wanted to do it too. Okay, so when we were done at the Oceanarium they dropped us off in the centre of town where we ate lunch by the water (it was beautiful weather, almost summer heat.) Last place we headed off to was The Bunker Museum, which is located close to a beach. It's 60-70 old bunkers from WWII. In these (rather small) bunkers, our teachers had placed 6 candles and we were to search for them. So for an hour we ran around like crazies to find these candles before we could go down to the beach and swim in the ocean. And then we went back to where we stayed.


On our last day we visited Skagen museum, which is an art museum. That was all we had time for before we had to start heading back to Sweden.


All in all, it was a really fun and educational trip. I did bring with me my copy of A Storm of Swords but only managed to read a hundred pages. I also don't have any pictures to share, because I didn't bring my camera with me, but one google search will give you better pictures than I could've taken. Now I'll be settling in for a quiet weekend and try to catch up on reading and writing reviews and go through my feed; I've missed this community and everyone in it so bad.


Glad to be back, and I hope you all have had a good week, and hope you have a nice weekend as well. Happy reading! <3