Snow Drop, Volume 1-12 by Kyung-ah Choi

Snow Drop, Volume 1 - Kyung-ah Choi, Sarah Dyer Snow Drop, Volume 2 - Kyung-ah Choi Snow Drop (Snow Drop), Volume 3 - Kyung-ah Choi Snow Drop, Volume 4 - Kyung-ah Choi Snow Drop, Volume 5 - Kyung-ah Choi Snow Drop (Snow Drop), Vol. 6 - Kyung-Ah Choi Snow Drop, Vol. 7 - Kyung-ah Choi Snow Drop, Volume 8 - Kyung-ah Choi Snow Drop, Volume 9 - Kyung-ah Choi Snow Drop, Volume 10 - Kyung-ah Choi

I've been waiting for a time to reread this series for a while now. Even though I've read it several times, I love it as much as I did the first time around. It's a modern take on Romeo and Juliet, with lots of family drama and secrets. I've always disliked Romeo and Juliet. Well, I haven't read it, but I've hated disliked more or less every movie version of it. (Except the 1996 version, because, well, DiCaprio.) Despite that, I love this series.

So-Na, a young woman with a haunted past, returns to school after being put out years before. Her background as a politician's rich daughter and less than perfect personality isn't someone you immediately like. Throughout this series though, she undergoes a tremendous transformation to a wonderful person and learns to stand up for herself. Hae-Gi is a young man coming from a rough upbringing. One dead brother, one alive brother (Ko-Mo) with an attitude problem, and a mother in desperate need of medical help doesn't give him much of a life as he much help them on the cost of his own personal life. When they collide, more people than they could ever imagine must face truths about themselves and the past. They must decide what's worth fighting for, and how far they are willing to go to keep their love alive.

Really, my love for this series is mostly for the characters. Even those initially pegged as bad people comes around and makes me love them. Okay, some I love more than the others. For one thing, Ha-Da (So-Na's best friend) and Ko-Mo, are one of my favorite couples of all time. Ha-Da's struggle with falling for another man, and Ko-Mo learning to forgive and love Ha-Da is breathtaking. These aren't even the main characters, and their story is epic anyway. Yeah, I love these two, even with all their faults.

I'm not an expert on graphic novels since I don't read that many, but I must say I adore the artist's work in these. The drawings are sensual and beautiful, and in the next moment sweet, and at times funny. In whole, the characters and beautiful drawings make this one of my favorite stories. Really, apart from Harry Potter, these are probably the books I've read the most.