Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris

Unbreakable (Unravelling, #2) - Elizabeth Norris
People disappearing into thin air shouldn’t be this common.

I must say, I had my doubts about Unbreakable, the sequel to Unraveling. For one thing, I was never fully convinced by the parallel dimensions conception. If I recall correctly, I was skeptical to that idea, and didn't believe it was done as well as it could've been. Despite that, I did enjoy the first book. But, as I saw that a sequel was coming up, I had doubts. Where would Norris take the story after what, in my mind, was a nice ending. Then I saw the blurb. 

"Somebody from an alternate universe is running a human trafficking ring, kidnapping people and selling them on different Earths."

Someone from an alternative universe is taking people from different universes and selling them. I mean, come on, that is a promising story if any. And it did not disappoint. (At least not much.)

In Unbreakable we meet old friends from Unraveling such as Janelle, our heroine who is pretty badass, when she isn't overreacting; Taylor, our even more badass agent; Ben, our swoon worthy love interest; and more old friends. Ben, who is major suspect due to his special abilities regarding the alternative universes. 

He can open portals on his own, without the otherwise much needed advanced technology. 

(show spoiler)

Now Janelle must follow Taylor to Prima, an alternative universe to clear Ben's name as well as safe people from her own universe that have been abducted.

I applaude Norris for pulling together this story. It's full of twists and turns. The pacing is quicker than the first installment, with few dull moments. Admittedly – and I never thought I'd say this – it is almost too quick at times. Especially when information is dropped in the middle. There's one big infodump there that instantly made me drag this rating down. If it had only been one dump, I might've overlooked it. But as it is, there are several pages, even chapters, when there is information just flooding in that I would like to think could've been revealed more smoothly, considering the weight of said information.

I must return to the characters, because these people are (kind of) wonderful. Janelle, isn't a weak heroine, and she can make decisions on her own. At least I can connect to her; she's more of a realist than a romantic. She's also a very rational girl. She did have a short period where she was irrational, and I wanted to smack some sense into her. But, you know, love does that to a person. I guess. To be blunt, I think she was narrowed minded when judging Ben without seeing it from his point of view. But you know, there had to be some additional drama in the romance. Anyway, I loved Ben in the first book, and I liked him now as well. However, the person that really stole the show was Taylor. He had a much bigger role in this novel, and his character was absolutely perfect. Seriously. If anyone is hesitating to read this, I'd say read it for his sake only. 

What wasn't so wonderful, and another reason I reduced my rating, was the ending. I won't spoil it, because most would've seen it coming and probably wanted it. But, as I said, I was satisfied with the ending in the first book. It wasn't clichéd and made sense. I'm sure I'm in the minority when it comes to this book, but I would've preferred a similar ending to the first book. Let's just say this was a little too... Disney-ish for me.

I'd like to end this with a quote from Elijah, because I just love his sarcastic character:


“The guy was desperate to find you,” Elijah says. “It was pathetic.”