Guilty Pleasures by Kitty Thomas

Guilty Pleasures - Kitty Thomas
“Someday you’ll be glad we met and that I made you face yourself.”

I'm quite sure there are better ways to make someone face themselves without kidnapping them and turning them into sexual slaves.

Fair warning, this book is dark erotica, and if you don't want to read about non-con, rape, and kidnapping, you might want to stay away from this book and review. While I don't necessarily have any troubles reading these types of books, I often find myself needing a few things to be okay with it. My line to what is okay is rape. I can do non-con in some instances, but that's another story. But yes, my line is drawn at rape. Because of that, I can have difficulties accepting non-con. But what bothers me even more is when the author makes it seem okay, because the victim is aroused. There are endless cases of rape victims that become aroused when raped; it is a defense mechanism, and it doesn't make rape okay. That's the biggest trouble I had with this book. While our heroine is a submissive, that's hidden deep inside her. To force her to face this part of herself, Anton, a massage therapist, rapes her and forces her into the role as submissive. Anton later kidnaps Vivian to train her to a proper submissive and sell her to a new Master. Vivan is not the only woman being taken by Anton.

Next point of order: the kidnapping of women and selling them. Why is this not handled more properly? That's what makes me believe this story is meant as a rape fantasy. Because Anton and his friends have a mansion where they have women and train them to become sexual slaves. Human trafficking is also not okay. Yet, this tiny detail is not even looked upon as a trouble. That's not winning any points with me. I mean, human trafficking is horrible, and this story kind of makes it seem, well, normal. I'm not down with that. I will repeat myself again: human trafficking is not okay, in any form.

And last, because this is a big pet peeve with me, and I was giving this author one chance after Big Sky: I am not convinced this author either don't know what feminism is, or that she's deliberately gives her female characters a messed up version of it. Regardless, these characters would be the reason so many people are against or suspicious of feminists. Since this seems to be a recurring issue, I doubt I'll pick up another book by this author again.