Rule by Jay Crownover

Rule - Jay Crownover



Why I (often) hate New Adult

Any chick that was willing to come how with a stranger for a night of unattached sex didn’t get the right to cast judgment around, especially while they were still naked and rumpled in my bed.

Because it sends the message that women/girls aren't allowed to have unattached sex with a stranger. Screw. That. If a woman wants to have sex with strangers that's her business, no one else's. Stop judging a woman by her sexuality.

Every single dude under the age of ninety is trying to get in your pants, Shaw, especially if he’s thinking that he’s your boy. I’m a guy, I know this shit.

Because it produces the picture that all guys are slaves to animal instincts. Screw. That. Men are men. Guys are guys. That doesn't mean they're interested in pouncing on every attractive woman they see. 

This was Shaw, not some bar bimbo.

Because it never stops to highlight how important it is for women to be innocent, virginal, and pure. Screw. That. Not only is it offensive, it continues the double standard where it's socially accepted for men to be as promiscuous as they want while women need to stay pure. It sends the message that women who appreciate sex and indulge in it are less worth than other women.

I think it’s genetically impossible not to be kind of in love with him when you come equipped with a vagina.

Because it makes the assumption that all women are drawn toone type of man. Because it forgets women can have sexualities which will immediately remove guys from their possible sex partners. Screw. That. Not every woman will be attracted to this guy, that's not realistic. Writing it doesn't make it more realistic. And it's offensive to make this assumption since it once again says how a woman's sexuality is supposed to be.

But he’s also arrogant and explosive, he treats women like crap because too many of them let him get away with it [...]

Because it uses victim blaming. Screw. That. If you're an asshole, you're an asshole. Blaming these women for Rule's shitty ways, once again, puts a negative view on women and their sexuality. It also presses the matter to show how much better our virginal heroine is in regard to these other women due to her status as a virgin.

Why I hated this book. (All the time)

Most girls got lost or a little confused because of the bite of my lip ring and the fact I had a metal barbell in the center of my tongue, Shaw seemed oblivious to both of them and kissed me like she had been born to do it.

Because Shaw, despite never engaging in sex before, is the best sexual partner ever walking this Earth. Even her first time.

She’s so freaking beautiful it hurts look at her sometimes, but she doesn’t even know it.

Because this.

He was my best friend, my surrogate family but he was a homosexual.

Because Shaw makes people who are homosexual sound as if they're a different species. 

Screw. That.

Screw. This.