Fearscape by Nenia Campbell

Fearscape - Nenia Campbell
You don't have a choice.

Such a simple thing. A choice. This or that. 

I've been weaving my way through several NA books lately where too many of the male interests are way too stalkerish. And that shouldn't be a problem. Well, it is, because all of them are romanticized. So let me rephrase that. That wouldn't be a problem if they weren't romanticized. Because in reality, being stalked is not romantic. It is not erotic. It is not sweet. It is not pleasant. It is not funny. And, I can't stress this enough, it is not a joke. Being stalked is a invasion on one's personal life where the stalker doesn't necessarily even consider it's prey a human being. Being stalked is horrific and terrifying and all the synonyms for these words. And I am so damn tired of the New Adult genre making these stalkerish tendencies something desirable.

Fearscape is not one of those NA books. This is the realistic story of the nightmare that is being stalked. And here's the thing: you don't have a choice. Val learns this lesson. When it comes to stalking, you have no say in what the stalker will do to you. There's always the police, but without proof or enough suspicion this person may harm you, there's often not much they can do beforethings go really bad. As a fourteen year old girl, Val has much to learn, and not just how to survive high school. No, Val's stalker is making her life uncomfortable and it shifts into a game of sorts where only one participant knows the rules. 

I have such a hard time putting down my emotions in words regarding this book. Fearscape is not an easy read. It's not sweet. It's not funny. It's real. It's spot on with Val's innocent character and her reactions toward stalking. I think that's what Fearscapedoes so well. It creates a frightening atmosphere that exists in reality where stalking occurs. The transformation Val goes through between the first hints of being watched to the very end shows how people can be manipulated without knowing about it themselves and how being stalked changes a person. Okay, my feelings can pretty much be summed up this way: I believeFearscape is a book every youth should read to understand the severity of stalking.