I remember posting about this movie when the first poster was released a few months back, and I thought the poster was just creepy.


Ever since I read the books I figured I'd see the movie when those news came out. Mostly because I wanted to drag my cousin with me and see her reaction rather than the movie. Now I think I'll skip that. 


Maybe it's just me, but this trailer was just... boring. I had expected something slightly more provocative. Instead this seems so bland and devoid of emotions I honestly yawned. I can't remember seeing anything with these actors before (and if I did it obviously didn't leave an impression). However, while I believe the actor playing Ana doesn't really have much to work with, I had expected more from the making of the famous Christian Grey. I'm sorry, but his portrayal of Christian, based on this trailer, seems awfully weak. 


That's just my thoughts on this trailer, and I'm sure people will have different opinions on it. Just thought I'd share since I did that previously with this movie.


What's your thoughts on this trailer, or movie in general?