Her Forbidden Hero by Laura Kaye

Her Forbidden Hero - Laura Kaye

I often hate dislike New Adult books due to lack of quality and negative look upon sexuality and gender norms among other things. I bother writing reviews explaining my issues with just these topics because, after all, the book made me feel something even if that feeling was burning hatred dislike. When I'm done I wonder if there's anything as bad as that particular book, coming to the conclusion that no, nothing can be that bad. While Her Forbidden Hero doesn't quite fall into the genre of NA or has the same issues, it has something else that is almost as bad: clichés and predictability.

Normally I would have a quote from the book to explain myself here. But seriously, everything about Her Forbidden Hero was so bland and so textbook I couldn't bother marking any part to use in this review. It doesn't mean it's badly written, quite the opposite; it flows and is easy to follow. What it is is boring. Everything in this book has been done before. 

1. Childhood friends. - CHECK!
2. Brother's best friend-romance - CHECK!
3. Mentally wounded soldier wailing in self-pity. - CHECK!
4. Girl (and her brother) lived with brother's best friend's family due to abusive father. - CHECK!
5. Woman reuniting with childhood/brother's best friend and still loves him. - CHECK!
6. Man pushes woman away because she's his best friend's sister, and man's traumatic past. - CHECK!

I could go on, but I think you get the gist. 

So the problem is that it's not bad. It's just so boring for anyone who's read anything even remotely similar to this. And I personally is so sick of the whole 'she's my best friend's sister so she's off limits to me, but not other guys except she is because I really really like her' thing. It's overdone. It can work sometimes, I'll admit but that often requires a more intriguing story and characters to pull it off. Her Forbidden Hero offers little in this aspect. The main characters are standard stereotypes and bring nothing new to the table. For anyone new to this type of story this is a good introduction. You've read a story about soldier with traumatic past returning to 'regular life', you can skip this one.