My Butterfly by Laura Miller

My Butterfly - Laura     Miller

I've often refrained from reading sequels which basically are the same story with a different POV since they tend to be, well, the exact same. This time I had to ignore that irk of mine. Because honestly, Will and Julia are so goddamn adorable. They are by far some of the most genuine character I've stumbled upon in the New Adult genre; they're just normal, small-town people finding their ways in the world while hoping their love can last through the rough patches. 

She deserved those things I would never be able to give her. She deserved those things, but there was also a little part of me that believed that maybe, just maybe, what I couldn’t give her in riches, I could make up for in love.

Basically this is the same story as the first book, Butterfly Weeds.Butterfly Weeds is the story from Julia's POV, and now we're allowed to see Will's side of the story. What the story is, is the story of Will and Julia, both from a small town, and how they fall in love in high school. Then life decides to get in the way when Julia wants to become a lawyer and goes away to college, leaving Will behind. Will – whom I can't seem to love enough – doesn't have grand plans for his life, but he knows he loves Julia. Eventually he becomes a firefighter and later a musician. But between worrying his job isn't good enough for high-achieving Julia and the jib always coming between their relationship, he still fights for her, never stops loving her. However, rough patches are tricky things; who knows when the road gets even again?

While this is the same story as Butterfly Weeds there are new moments too since Will and Julia spend much time apart, so I didn't mind revisiting the old moments. I'll admit being inside Will's head was part of it because I love his character. I know. I'm repeating myself here, but Will's just such a sweet guy. And he's not the only one. These characters are so wonderful and likable. Both main characters and secondary characters. In this we're better introduced to Will's best friend, Jeff, a character I wished to see more of in Butterfly Weeds

I mentioned not minding revisiting old moments, and I didn't. I enjoyed the new moments. But what I missed was two things. First, there's the part where Will becomes a musician and becomes rather famous (never mentioned quite how big though). This part isn't a main focus of the story which it almost was in Butterfly Weeds. I would've preferred if the story focused more on this time of Will's life. Second, while there were new moments, none of them stood out in particular to give this book more than a 3-star rating; I liked it, but didn't love it. Loved the characters, but not enough to up the rating. Also, this book is not to be read as a standalone. Much of my liking was due to knowing some things from the first installment. Regardless of those minor issues I definitely enjoyed My Butterfly and might just reread this series again.