Big Sky by Kitty Thomas

Big Sky - Kitty Thomas

Three reasons for rating this 1 star:

1. The misunderstanding of what feminism is.
Feminism is about women having equal rights as men, and being seen as equals. It is not about bitching on a man for opening a door for you and calling it "feminist annoyance". That's effing manners, or just simply being polite. Our MC, Veronica, is plain stupid, and not just in her take on feminism. But mostly the feminism thing.

2. The he's-hot-so-it's-kinda-okay-that-he-kidnapped-me thing.
Again, Veronica is effing stupid. I don't care if he's hot or not. Kidnapping is not okay in any manner. Even the whole story basically is about how he saved her from being broke and homeless and that him kidnapping her is her saving grace. Wake up little girl, there's all kinds of counseling and help for people who shops for more than they make. Make an appointment. But noooo. He's hot, so it's easier to overcome the fact that he's a messed up dude. Let's face it, this story is as unrealistic as it can be.

3. The poor take on the psychological part of being kidnapped and sexually abused.
There's none. Zero. Zilch. Okay, maybe a tiny bit of it, but as with the story it's unrealistic. It doesn't match up to Veronica's character and makes no sense. Really, it's as stupid as her. There's so much to explore in this kind of story where a girl/woman is kidnapped and forced to perform sexual acts. Big Sky fails this. Hell, even Captive in the Dark does a better job. But seriously, go read the biographies of real people who's been through being abducted/used for sexual acts before reading this. It'll give a better understand if both this book and this review. 

4. Veronica *I had to add her*
Seriously, I can't get over how dumb she is.