Inhale, Exhale by Sarah M. Ross

Inhale, Exhale - Sarah M. Ross

I'll keep this review short because there were few things good, and a whole lot of bad of which I don't have the energy to bother with, so sorry for rambling/incoherent review.


Inhale, Exhale is the story of Jillian and Grant. When Jillian's summer starts she is settling into a new job until her fall semester at uni picks up. On her new job she meets Grant, a good looking and interesting guy. But oh, oh, Jillian's in a relationship with Christian, who's mostly absent while living his own life. Grant falls immediately for the new girl, and then we have that staying apart despite their attraction thing. Yeah, it's insta love. 


I'll put it this way, there's few redeeming things about this book. First of all, the characters aren't fully fleshed out, making it very hard to connect to either of them. Jillian was probably the only decent character, and even she wasn't likable at times. Pretty much every guy in this book is an asshole, even Grant who's portrayed to be some sort of perfect guy. He uses girls to get Jillian out of his head even before he knows she's interested in him. He flirts with her regardless of her relationship status. He thinks just because a girl looks a certain way she's a bimbo. Then we have JT and Grant's dad who both are sexsist jerks (Grant is pretty much as well, but I think I made that clear). Okay, really, the sexism was what bothered me most with this. Because while it's not spelled out it is sexism, it is the kind of sexism so many people aren't aware of until someone points it out, and it adds to normalize such thoughts and actions. 


I won't go into detail but there is cheating. And yeah, it's Jillian and Grant. For being so determined to not do anything they are quick to get over their reasons. This whole things drags out the first 3/4, and when Christian's true nature is revealed, the new obstacles are solved way to easy. For something that's supposed to be dramatic and the climax, it's boring and unsatisfying how the story turns out considering the gravity of Christian's nature and the problems he brings to the table. That isn't something that can be solved within a few days. It would've done the story good to flesh out this part rather than Jillian and Grant's heistation to be together (considering the lack of chemistry between the two, the story really could've done without it).