For All You Have Left by Laura Miller

For All You Have Left - Laura     Miller
Maybe the story of our life is what we make of it. I mean, we’re dealt the rain and the sun, but maybe it’s up to us to push away the clouds in order to see the rainbow.

Or maybe the story is gloriously obvious from the go. 

No, honestly, there's nothing wrong with For All You Have Left. In fact, it's a perfectly decent story about a girl who's life didn't turn out like she expected. As the blurb tells us, Logan married her high school sweetheart, but life had different plans for her, and she's now left to start over. Now, who can't guess what has happened here? I guessed it around 35%, but had suspicions earlier than that.

Something happened to Logan when she was eighteen, and ever since she goes by another name, Ada, and is trying to figure things out and we meet her again at twenty-two. Her sister is urging her to keep living again, and with Ada/Logan's new – and hot – neighbor, aren't things looking up? Despite Ada/Logan's past she befriends this new guy, Jorgen who works at the hospital. The friendship between them develops, and I actually enjoyed reading about it, even if things were a bit rushed. The biggest problem is how little we're shown of them as individuals. They're constantly in similar scenes and there's little room for any wider expansion of their personalities. 

Really, there's nothing wrong with this novel, I can't stress that enough. Maybe I had too high hopes since I truly liked Miller's debut Butterfly Weeds which also was New Adult just like For All You Have Left. For anyone who hasn't read this particular plot before it will be both interesting and new. However, for someone who had the plot almost all played out before starting to read it was so glaringly obvious despite the attempts to throw me as a reader off my chair with "twists". If you have a hint of what happened to Ada/Logan between past and present and you're able to remember that one plus one equals two it's fairly easy to figure the whole thing out even after the first "twist". 

Even if I appreciate Miller's writing in general, and will definitely check out her other works, this one is not a high recommendation from me if you think the blurb gives most of the plot away. If it doesn't, then I think you should give it a shot since this is New Adult and there's no douchebag as the love interest. In fact, Jorgen is rather sweet and likable. Ada/Logan can be funny in her best moments, and her sister is a nice secondary character. Add better writing than some other NA, this is enjoyable. Too bad it didn't quite work out for me.