Review: Fix You by Mari Carr

Fix You - Mari Carr

A short review for a quick read.

Fix You is the story of Zoey and Rob. They've been best friends for years, but now, after almost two decades as friends, both of them starts to realize there might be more than just friendship. Neither is ready to face these feelings, even less admit they have them. Rob is out touring with his band while Zoey faces tragedy: she's found a lump in her breast. When Rob gets an unusual phone call from Zoey, he decides to go back to their shared apartment, only to have her confess she's suffering from cancer. And so this rather short story begins. With this threat hanging over their heads, they dare explore their relationship since there might be very little time left. 

Overall, a sweet story about two people finding what means fighting for in the middle of a crisis. Through this short novel we're shown some of the issues they have to tackle due to Zoey's illness. Both physical and mental struggles are tackeld, even if in little measure. Yet, due to the short length of the novel, I feel that the author managed to get some touching moments, and a nice take on the subject. However, the short length also leaves some things underdeveloped. This is, after all, shelved as erotica, and had the author given more space to the relationship's other aspects and the illness, it would've made more an impact. Now it's just erotica with a touch of the subject of cancer. Despite this, I enjoyed it. Perhaps because I read Ruin right before this one, and that one was an utter failure.