DNF: Beneath Your Beautiful by Tamsyn Bester

Beneath Your Beautiful - Tamsyn Bester

Okay, I can overlook several things when reading, but sometimes I just... no. Okay? Just no.


This is Grayson (our hero), after having met a girl one time and said about ten sentences to her:

I realize that calling her hot is an insult. She’s beautiful. Earth-shattering, life-changing, mind-blowing beautiful.

And then we have strike two during their second meeting. Again, they've barely talked. She mentions something about her sad, tragic past, aaaand:

In that moment I feel naked, like she can see my soul stripped bare of its impurities and imperfections. I don’t like that it makes me feel vulnerable and completely exposed to the derision I know will follow when she sees the ugly secrets that keep me awake night after night.

Then, as soon as on their third meeting, we have STRIKE NUMBER THREE:

I wonder what it would be like if we had babies?

Whoa, where the fuck did that come from?

The thought comes to me as naturally as breathing.

Just no, okay? This is so not gonna happen. I'm not even sorry.