Review: April Showers by Karli Perrin

April Showers - Karli Perrin
"He laughed, “Whenever you want. We could go now, if you'd like?”
I thought about it for a moment. It would be pretty damn stupid of me to wander off into the night with a complete stranger…a completely beautiful stranger.

I honestly have no idea how to start this review. For once thing I’d like to talk about Isaac whom I had a problem with from the very beginning. But, his creepiness isn’t worse than April’s stupidity. And then we have the plot. So, let’s start with Isaac.

"If you were mine, you would never have to share." 

These aren’t worse you say to a girl after having met her ten minutes the previous day and have spent about an evening with during the day. I mean, it’s creepy. Even more creepy when he starts sprouting off how she’s gonna marry this girl one day. Having the same sarcastic humor as this beautiful girl isn’t enough to be sure of these feelings. I’m going to spoil a bit here, but it isn’t really a spoiler since it’s revealed in Isaac and April’s third meeting. Isaac’s the her tutor at the university, and of course it’s against the rules for staff to date students. Does this make Isaac more creepy in my eyes that he knows this and starts flirting with April right away? Yes. It’s creepy no matter how bad he tries to explain it later.

Then we also have the personal traits to Isaac. He’s sarcastic. Yeah, this is pretty much about what I got off him. Well, that and that he graduated with a business degree, yet works as a tutor and has students who wants to become a social worker (or at least April does). Not only that, he writes novels and songs too. And hey, he also owns a bar. Because all of those things add up, right? We’re never told why he would be into all these things, which made him even less rounded as a character. He just has these traits to him, for no explained reason. Then we have an ex-girlfriend who acts like a bitch to April. The whole kit, this wonderful Isaac has.

Now, apart from Isaac, we also have April. A girl who’s just started university and wants to become a social worker. She left for uni alone since her best friend got pregnant up and became a teenage mother. So April’s alone, but befriends Luckas the first day. Every time she drinks (which is rather often) she swears to never do it again. She acts as she’s known Isaac her whole life instead of three days when she finds out he’s her tutor. Yes, her whole life. She’s whiny about the fact that they can’t be together when they don’t even know each other. She dreams about him as if she lost a long-time lover. Basically, she acts as if they had been together forever instead of never having been together at all. And that’s about it on April’s persona.

The reason I begun with the characters instead of the plot is because the plot resolves around April battling her feelings for Isaac while starting to date Lukas. And yes, she whines about Isaac and how perfect he is and how she started falling in love when she heard him saying he’d marry her someday the second time they met. During the time April starts dating Lukas, she and Isaac barely meet, and when they do it’s short meetings. It’s certainly not enough to build a relationship, merely a friendship, on. I can’t describe how utterly tedious April is when she keeps thinking Isaac’s the best person ever when they don’t know each other. Seriously, the plot is based on the fact that April loves Isaac but can’t be with him. Yet, they didn’t even know each other before they had to end. 

Sure, had there been more backstory such as if they’d met over the summer and built a relationship during that time and then found out he’s her tutor, I’d buy it. Based on meeting each other twice… not so much. It doesn’t do justice to the story to make April this desperate for Isaac when it could’ve been done so much better with just a bit of a backstory. 

I won’t bother to go into detail on the other issues I had with this, such as April calling out another girl as a slut to the whole school, and then said girl comes to apologize and thank April for telling her the truth. Sorry, that doesn’t make me like April even a little more. Maybe it’s just me, but if this girl hits on guys a lot it’s not April’s business at all. And the plot twist with the Lukas-April-Isaac triangle is just… too much. Let’s just say I wasn’t happy with how that was handled and how she ended up with. Might add that I didn’t care for either of the love-interests much though. 

In whole, a promising story, but needed more work on the dynamics with the characters. Since the characters were what drove the plot forward, the rest of the book fell flat.