10 random facts about me.

Since everyone else is doing this – and it’s pretty damn amazing – I’ll do one too.


Ten facts about me:


10. I’m a Swede – born and raised – and I’ve lived in the same relatively small town all my life. And, like most youths here, I both hate and love it. My reason for dislike are a bit different than many of my peers’ since I’m not interested in partying (read: drinking/smoking/getting high) which is more or less the main thing youths do here. I might be exaggerating a bit, but it’s true there are few activities for people my age in our town. At the same time I love the closeness and ties I have here.


9. Since I said I’m a youth, I might as well say it. I’m 18 and studying. Our school system differs from the American system, but that’s another story. Anyway, I’ll be graduating next year with a graduate in science, and after that I have no idea what to do. Either go to college here in Sweden or study aboard (smaller dream of mine), or travel for a year or so. If I continue with school I’ll most likely do a program in either math, biology, or astronomy. All of these are favorite subjects of mine, especially math. 


8. I’m not necessarily a shy person. In fact, I’m very open. The only trouble I often have is taking the first step. Once someone do, I’m an open book. Meeting new people is wonderful and exciting because I love making new friends. It’s up to the other person to like me or not, because I happen to like who I am and I’m not planning on changing for someone else’s pleasure any time soon. 


7. Questioning and arguing are second languages to me. My parents have always taught me to do these things. So far it’s helped me more than I probably could imagine. It has also made me overthinking more or less everything, on both good and bad. In daily life it can make things harder, but in school it’s an advantage. This is because in my classes we are taught more to reflect and analyze facts instead of actually knowing them since everything can be found with a click on a phone or a computer. As a friend put it: ”We won’t be writing our job applications, we’ll be analyzing them.”


6. I’ve had tinnitus since around the time I was fourteen. It came from being in a very loud class with many strong wills that demanded to be heard at once. At the time it often caused me to be absent from school, but today I live just like anyone, not bothered by it most of the time.


5. I’m afraid of flying, but not of heights. Seriously, I start shaking just thinking about flying. And the most recent time I flew was over the atlantic to U.S.. That time the seats had these TV-screens where you could see a live-stream of the ground under the plane. My fear wasn’t exactly helped when the people next to me watched as we flew over huge cliffs and high waves of water hitting them. Lovely flight. *heavy sarcasm*


4. Most of my *real life* friends are guys. (People often comment on this since I consider myself a feminist. And yes, I long to facepalm every time someone says this. I’m a feminist and interested in equal rights. Not to degrade men. I’m not sure if that sounded strange to anyone, but the feminist debate in Sweden is a very big one and I admit it has gone overboard with some extremists who often come off as manhaters. I’m not this; I only want equality for everyone.) I prefer to hang out with them since many of the girls in my class are more interested in new haircuts of the One Direction boys, shopping, or riding horses. I’m just not that kind of girl. Plus, these guys are honest and have a wicked humor. I love them all. 


3. I know how to solve the Rubik’s cube. And yes, I’m strangely proud of this.


2. Some hard truth here then. I had an eating disorder when I was younger. This too made me absent from school. The only reason they allowed back was because it caused a depression bad enough that my parents feared I might do something stupid if I stayed home longer. So I came back to school and people treated me with gloves. Stared. Whispered. And heck, I didn’t care if they wanted to talk about it. As I said earlier, I’m an open book, and I was so about this too. To be quite honest it was almost amusing the way they treated me, because I was damn happy to be back and they thought I’d break if they so much as hinted at my illness. It never bothers me today to speak of this, never has. What does bother me is when people start acting as if I’m not normal now. 


I’m a person. I’m happy, healthy, and loving life. I just happened to take a different road to find all this.


1. And, on a happier note, I love winter. Anything about it, I love it. Snow, the cold, skiing at high speed, and snuggling under a blanket with a good book. That’s life. Especially the last two. If I could, I’d do those all the time. The last two I’ve done since I was four, and I must say, the love for them never fades. And I hope they never will. 


Big thanks to All Hail Grimlock who started this. Wonderful idea!