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Broken  - Kelly Elliott

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"“You want me to, what, Whitley? Love you? Because I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you standing next to your car, since the moment your beautiful green eyes looked into mine. The moment I heard your sweet voice talk to me, I knew deep down inside that I would love you forever.” "(Layton)


So we went from her being insufferable the first time you met her to that you loved her the moment you saw her? Yeah... no.


I've read 46%


"“I’ve dreamed of this, Whitley, for the last week and a half. I don’t want to rush.” " (Layton)


I'm all for falling in love fast, but seeing how they met two weeks or so ago, and all the deep confessions spilling, I'm all against falling fast. This is creepy. Creepy as in Whitley, with her background, should be running far away. Like, to the north pole.


How about that? I got my TSTL moment.