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Broken  - Kelly Elliott

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"She jumped up and down and started clapping her hands together. “Oh my God, is there any way you can take me to a phone or to her house? I’ll pay you! I mean, with cash.”"

I'm honestly not sure which age group speaks like this, but none over fifteen, I'd say. At least I can say with certainty 24 year olds do not speak this way...


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"I couldn’t believe I was trying to get to my first appointment with my first client on the back of a horse with a damn cowboy—and a smart-ass cowboy to top it off.


Wait until I tell Court about this. She would be pissed. My first official contact with a cowboy, and she wasn’t with me." (Whitley)

You serious? It sounds like she thinks of cowboys as a breed!


I've read 7%.


"His smile…good God, his smile. I swore my panties had combusted the moment he’d flashed that smile. Fucker had to have a dimple, too. Ugh." (Whitley)


Combusted? Suuuuuure. I can give you proof saying that's not possible in any way.


I've read 8%.


This is not coming along well. Whitley sounds like she'll have a TSTL moment soon. *facepalm*