Review: Anything He Wants 1: The Meeting by Sara Fawkes

Anything He Wants 1: The Meeting  - Sara Fawkes

Something good to say about Anything he wants 1: The Meeting?

Eh... well... it had words in it?

On a more serious note, no words in this short story could save it. With no words I mean No. Words. The funniest part about this is that I can probably write a longer review of all the disturbing things than the actual book. Which actually isn't funny at all since it'd be all about heavy subjects. As it is, I'll touch them, because anyone giving this a try should know what they're in for.

I'll begin with another issue though. This issue is the main character whose name I've forgotten more times than I have forgotten where I put my keys. Her name's Lucy, I checked, and is the most inconsistent character I've met in the past year. This she manages to be within thirty pages – gotta be a new record! She's described as the good girl, smart girl, nice girl... all that Mary Sue stuff. More importantly, she's portrayed to be shy. Well, she might be portrayed as that, but she has no issues letting a stranger, whom she's been checking out in the elevator for a while, feel her up the minute they're alone. The issue isn't so much that she lets him do this, but her contradictory personality. Either it changes in a heartbeat, or her actions goes against her thoughts.

So that's the smallest issue here, really. Let's move on to the heavy stuff.

During one of their interactions, Lucy and the stranger, her thoughts are pretty much the same as if he was sexually abusing her. To be quite honest, it read more like rape than anything kinky and sexual. He presses her up, demands her to do things, and well... it sounds like rape. The author tries, I think, to save this by adding the stranger telling her he'd never take a woman if she doesn't want it. To some, this might be saving it, but not for me. Up until that moment Lucy's thoughts are against everything they do. When he says this, her thoughts are about how she's aroused so let's get on with it. I won't go in further on this except that this is highly offensive since many victims of sexual abuse gets aroused despite the assault, and that this certain scene offended me by her 'I'm already hot, so might as well get on with it' attitude.

For the second big thing: The stranger turns out to be her boss. Multimillionaire Jeremiah something, to be accurate. When she's being cut off from her work, he's offering her a job as his personal assistant. Except, it's not as a personal assistant he hires her. It's to be his call girl. Perhaps someone will find this sexy, intriguing, or anything like that. I don't. It's offensive. This whole short work was offensive to practically have him assault her, then hiring her to be, to be frank, his whore.

No. Just no. I can handle a lot, but I can't handle this, not in a million years.