Reading progress update: I've read 11.

A Beautiful Mess  - T.K. Leigh

"He stepped back again and Olivia was unable to take her eyes off his six-foot-five frame. She knew her reaction was completely inappropriate, considering Simon had just attacked her, but she couldn’t control it. She couldn’t remember ever being so attracted to someone." (7%)


This one minute after her boyfriend tried to rape her. After all the New Adult this year I'm becoming scared how often this seems to happen. 

"He watched as Olivia opened her mouth slightly, her breathing increasing. He could smell her sweet breath. Alexander rubbed a little cream over the cut on her forehead, trying to hide that he was seriously checking out her fit body. She clearly worked out, and often." (9%)


Then this, the thoughts of our hero, about ten minutes after he saved this girl from being abused.


"'People only have to call me Mr. Burnham in the bedroom,' he whispered in her ear." (11%)


Our hero's goodbye after saving the girl, having her make a statement to a police officer for previous events of the night, and he takes her back to her apartment building.


To be completely honest, I'm rather afraid to keep reading this. Why is it that many New Adult/Adult books this year manage to continuously put women/girls in traumatic events and yet forget any proper reaction? If they plot requires one of these events why can't they be handled with care instead of an excuse for the hero to sweep in, save her, and immediately attract her to him instead of something at least close to realistic?