Review: All that he wants by Olivia Thorne

All That He Wants (The Billionaire's Seduction, #1) - Olivia Thorne

A funny, quirky, easy read as to be expected from the cover blurb. The only thing a bit unusual about this among all the other FSoG rip-offs is that our hero isn't all possessive, demanding, downright rude hero. He's in fact rather funny, not excessively demanding during our MC's first encounter. He's a lot better than all the others jerks milling around in the bookworld right now.

The only thing bringing down my rating is the writing. It's a bit repetitive and very simplistic. That, and the price. This shouldn't matter for the actual book, but as today, All That He Wants - Volume 1 is free on Amazon, but the following three costs $2.99, $6.24, $6.24 if you buy them separately. Then the sequel All That He Loves - Volume 2 costs $7.99. I'm not a fan of this kind of marketing, not even a little bit.