Review: Ring by Koji Suzuki

Ring - Koji Suzuki, Glynne Walley

This one is really hard to review, or rate for that matter too. Obviously I enjoyed it since it took me a very short time to go through it, but on the other hand there were so many aspect that could have been better (or they might be in the book's original language).

I expected this to be a horror series, but it reads much more like a mystery to me. Sure, there were some creepy moments, but I admit they could be written better, and this might be the case in the original language and the translator simply didn't do a good job getting the atmosphere right in this version. In my case this moments were creepy because I dared myself to read the whole book in the dark and this helped create the atmosphere better than the descriptions in the book did. So when everything comes around, this was more mystery than horror. That isn't necessarily bad, it wasn't what I expected, that's all.

It's a bit hard writing a review that does not spoil the ending or everything in between, but one of the things I highly enjoyed was the pacing. To me it was even and easy to follow when different names and places were thrown about. It kept me interesting, so that's one of the better points this book has for it. The other thing working in its favor was the characters. Few of them were actually likable, but I enjoyed reading about them, especially some of them. One of them was especially unique, but he was also one of the most dislikable characters of the whole bunch.

For me, these reviews are the hardest to write. Those that falls in the middle between great and bad. I found no part of the book actually boring, but the good moments wasn't enough to bring my rating higher, but they were enough to not let the rating drop lower. I see why people might love this book, but I can also see why people don't. I fall somewhere between the two, which is a bit sad since I found the book rather unique in aspects as plot and characters. Yet it was mediocre despite me not have read anything quite like it. 

Would I recommend it? Maybe, depending on the person. Would I tell people to not bother with this? No, but I'd also tell them it might not be the best thing they will read.