Review: In Flight by R.K. Lilley

In Flight - R.K. Lilley

It is finally explained to me why I put up reading this for so long. That reason is: the last BDSM book I read was Locked, and in my review for it, I made a list on how to write a BDSM story. This was the reason why I put In Flight on hold for so long; all these BDSM stories read the same to me. To prove my point I'll copy said list here.

How to write erotica with BDSM 101
1. Make the main characters meet and make the reader drown in sexual tension. Add libidos going on overdrive and a never-before-experienced-connection-before-knowing-the-person. Remember, the guy has to be gorgeous, otherwise the rest of the plot won't be excusable. 
2. Let the man do a little stalking of the woman. This isn't creepy at all, because he is gorgeous. All his other flaws or the things that should raise red flags is okay. Because, you know, he's gorgeous. 
3.Then the man says most men would go to huge lengths to be with her. Because she's special and gorgeous.
4. The main characters have mind blowing sex. Here you give the woman magic lady parts so the man simply HAS to be with her again. He needs to be hooked. Preferably for life. 
5. Add in a scene where man needs to hear the woman tell him she's his. Make him demand it to, that's a good bonus.
6. If it's a series, add a cliffhanger. The woman leaves the man over some drama that can easily be avoided if they knew how to communicate.

Sadly, this list is applicable for pretty much all BDSM stories lately. This is the core to my dislike for most of these books, but of course each book must have something a little different from Fifty Shades of Grey so it won't be a blatant rip-off.

So... In Flight or The next FSoG rip-off. Now, I could probably have jumped on this train had it not been for some rather disturbing events in the beginning. For starters, Bianca, our MC, goes on in her inner monologue how she despises intimacy and touching. This is while she's working as a flight attendant. Big surprises, we have Mr. Grey Cavendish; hot billionaire in his twenties and outrageously good looking. After a few interactions between the two of them, he then follows her into the airplane's galley where he does something that most people would take as sexual harassment. But Bianca is a bit turned on by this. I wouldn't have disliked this had it not been for her reminding me just earlier how she did not feel for intimacy or touching.

Mr. Cavendish then demands she call him when they land. She's against this, telling him she don't date and that she is not into BDSM. Then when they land and she thinks about it a bit, she does a one eighty, leaving me thinking, I did not sign up for this roller coaster. So not only did I find Bianca inconsistent as a character, but she pissed me off repeatedly. I'll refrain from brining all reasons up, but I'll take my favorite. When Mr. Cavendish flies on another of her planes, and they have already done some carnal activities, she goes to ask him if he wants anything else. However, when she returns to his seat, she finds he has rolled up his sleeves. On his wrist there are faint scars. This is kind of a big deal, right? Not for Bianca. She takes notice, but her attention passes this disturbing fact and she is more entranced by the fact that a button in his shirt is open, showing off his tanned skin, completely ignoring his scars. How am I supposed to care for this girl? I mean, seriously?

I didn't like Bianca, but that didn't mean I had to dislike Mr. Cavendish too, right? Well, I do. Why? Because when they do the deed, and she gives up her virginity for him. He then leaves to get a bath cloth, and when he returns he sees her lying in the bed, bleeding. His reaction? He stares at her, aroused of the sight of her. She asks how he can be ready to go again, and he answers this:


"Oh, yes. But you’re too sore tonight. I was just enjoying the view. Embedding this image into my brain.”


Nope. He did not appeal to me either.

Also, I dare you to guess who's mouth this quote comes from; Mr. Grey or Mr. Cavendish.


“I know it’s all consensual, but the fact is, I like to hurt women during sex. There’s a reason you fear me. My strongest impulse is to control and to dominate, but make no mistake, I’m a sadist. It doesn’t exactly make me a good guy.”


It's Mr. Cavendish. But really, it could as well be Mr. Grey.

(show spoiler)


And this quote from Mr. Cavendish regarding Bianca's work uniform:


That is the hottest fucking flight attendant uniform I’ve ever seen. That thing should be illegal. I’m going to do some illegal things to you with that little tease of a tie,”

I can't possibly be the only one wondering what illegal stuff can be done with the tie and not get her killed.

Obviously, I did not enjoy this book. In fact, it is just one more reason for me to shy away from the BDSM stories in FSoG's wake. I'm sorry, but I can't come up with any positive things to say aboutIn Flight despite wanting to like it due to the many praising reviews. I still have hope though, that I will find a book with this theme that will be great. I also have hope someone will discuss if there is a possible story with these types of characters that doesn't follow the usual plot.

Also, if you're going to use a swedish word, at least spell it correctly. It's sötnos not sotnos because sotnos in swedish could be viewed as this: "sot"=soot, and "nos"=nose. It's not exactly that way since sotnos isn't a real word, but that's how I viewed it as a swede. ("Söt"=cute, "nos"=nose, I'd say it can be compared to sweetheart).