A DNF: Ride by J.C. Emery

Ride  - J.C. Emery

All right, so I managed to get into the fourth chapter, but I can honestly say this will be painful for me to read, hence the DNF. Maybe it's due to the topic. Biker romances isn't really my taste as the men tend to treat their women as properties, but I am always willing to give a book the benefit of the doubt. 


Okay, no. I know exactly why I won't be able to finish this book, and it has nothing to do with plot, characters or anything surrounding the actual story because I haven't read enough to get into it yet. The reason I won't be finishing this is the writing. The author describes every second of every moment, and the main character whose name is forgotten already, seems to think this way too; description of the very air around her. I can't take that. Not when every paragraph sounds like the previous due to the describing. Here's two paragraphs to explain my reasoning:


"I focus on my breathing, forcing it into even patterns, and steady myself on my feet, pulling away from Gloria. I scrub my face with my hands and wipe away the remaining tears. I have to pull it together. I can't keep acting like this. Gloria grabs me by my arm and drags me down the hallway. We round a corner and continue down another long, sterile hallway. I do my best to keep up with her long strides, but she’s steadfast in her determination. I just let myself get pulled along, realizing my Aunt Gloria might be the only person I can trust to get me out of this mess alive.


Suddenly, Gloria pulls me into a small room that appears to be an informal office with a heavy wooden desk, two tall filing cabinets, and a chair on either side. With a quick look around, Gloria closes the door and takes several deep breaths to calm herself. Her hands are shaking just slightly, her breaths coming in strained pants. She leans back and rests against the desk. When she’s calmed herself down sufficiently, she speaks quietly and in Italian."


There is such a thing as too much description, and for me, this is it. Perhaps it's just me, and if this works for you, this might be a great story. It won't be for me though.