Review: Taking On The Dead by Annie Walls

Taking on the Dead - Annie Walls

I tried to write a proper review of Taking on the Dead for over two hours. I tried to figure out a way to put my thoughts on the unsatisfying world building, the agonizing pace of the book, how I at times enjoyed the main character and wanted to rip her dreadlocks off the next second, the poorly chosen names for the characters, and the lack of zombies in a zombie apocalypse. And the gore. It's common curtesy to put lots of it in a zombie book, right? So why didn't I write a long review of all this? Because I realized something after nearly finishing the review. 

You want gore, zombies, a little romance, characters to care for, some badass action, and different groups of survivors during the zombie apocalypse? 

You want that? Then go watch The Walking Dead.