Tailspin by Raquel Valldeperas

Tailspin - Raquel Valldeperas


That's the best word to describe Tailspin. Like it's succeedor,Toxic, it's never quite clear what kind of story it wants to be. A heartfelt story about loss or a about a young man having to shoulder his parents' place when they die in an accident or a romance between a young man and a troubled young woman.

Tailspin is the story told from Nathan's POV, and the reader learns more about how his parents died, what happened within his family upon this loss, and how Nathan life was after it. Much like the first book, it's a little of all the above mentioned, but it's not enough of any of them for it to be compelling. The story is still perfectly fine (as I said in my review of Toxic, with all themes dealt with sensitivity. But it still lacks any depth in the characters' development and the plot. Add in that many of the chapters are retelling of exact scenes, just from Nathan's POV. This is rarely - if ever - interesting as the reader has already seen this scene, knows where it's going. Shortly: the tension is gone.

It's said this book can be read as a standalone, and I agree, but it's not in the book's favor. Without reading the first book there's a good chance the reader won't understand Lo, the heroine. It's clear she's an addict, but it's hard to get a grip on her as a character, as a person, so it's even more difficult to care for her. Which is exactly how Nathan came off in the first book. And perhaps here is the issue, the character development suffers from the rough transitions and (what felt like it) skipped scenes that would add another layer to the story, and the characters.

Undecided. Undecided in what the story wanted to accomplish with its plot and characters.