Armed and Dangerous by Nenia Campbell

Armed and Dangerous - Nenia Campbell

Quick review - which is what happens when I neglect reviewing books for two weeks and watch reruns of Friends instead.

Armed and Dangerous, the second book in the IMA series, takes up where the first left off. Christina is back home with her overbearing mother who is now playing the martyr and writing a book about what happened to Christina her. Christina, fed up with it all, runs off to her father, and then later goes to college. Michael on the other hand is avoiding the IMA, but early in the book lets them find him and then thing start to go south.

I'll admit I preferred the first book. There was more action and less... road trips so to say. Christina's character is slowly growing little by little, and so is Michael. Overall though, this book seemed like a transition between the first and the third, not adding that much to the story except fr the last 20% or so. I see why the book was necessary, and it certainly isn't bad by any means, but it's also not adding a great deal to the overall story either.