The Back-Up Plan by Mari Carr

The Back-Up Plan - Mari Carr

Quick review

Fourth book, fourth woman. Now it's Kristen, who vows to be married by the end of the year. The thing is, she turns forty this year, and she's made a pact with her law partner, Jason, that they'll get married if she hasn't done that by the time she turns forty. As it is, they agree to set each other up with dates they think are perfect for them. But as the year progresses, Kristen realizes that what she thinks she wants in a husband isn't what she actually wants. While Kristen has always thought Jason is cocky and arrogant, as they spend time together she realizes there might be more to him than that.

This is the first book in this series where the male leads gets some proper character development. Then again, Jason's character sometimes comes off as a little too close to be sexist for him to ever win me over completely. But it was nice to see a male lead in this series that wasn't perfect from the go, but did some growing throughout the short story.