Full Moon by Mari Carr

Full Moon - Mari Carr

Quick review

Full Moon, the second book in this series, is Josie's story. In the first book we learned that Josie and her friends all decided to make New Year's resolutions for the coming year. This is Josie's story, and her resolution is to explore her sexuality after her divorce. So, each full moon, she has a new sexual thing she wants to try. First on the list is to have sex with a stranger. So, when her son is with his father, Josie's ex, she sets out to accomplish this first item on the list. She finds Jake, a sexy bar owner that rocks her world with great sex. He tells her he's will to help her out with the rest of the items on her list. So when the next full moon comes, Josie just might take him up on his offer.

This one was a quick and easy read. Mostly, it's about Josie discovering her sexuality with Jake, but there is a side story with her ex-husband. Given the length of this novel, there's not to expect some great character development. Funny enough, the character with most growth is a side character, Josie's ex-husband. Josie has some, but Jake has none. He's the perfect guy from the go, a little too perfect to be interesting. But sure, this short story was a small delight to read!