Walled by Anne Tibbets

The Line Book Two: Walled - Anne Tibbets
I was no solider, but I was going to die like one, this I knew.

A decent ending to this duology!

Walled continues a year after Naya and Ric have escaped The Line, and are now trying to live a normal life with Naya taking care of her two children. When Sonya returns and informs them the revolution starts now, they are convinced to follow her back and help.

Like the first book, Walled is fact paced and well written. The plot is clear and the characterization spot on. Naya is struggling living a normal life after having been a sex slave at The Line for almost all her life. Ric's character gets more complex in this than he was in the first. Once again though, I still find the secondary character lacking in comparison.

While the plot is engaging throughout the novel, what's missing is a more extensive world building. As it is, the one we have is lacking as it leaves too many questions unanswered. Why did the government set up The Line to begin with? The reason they have is to spread an anti-virus (or something like it) to make the inhabitants immune to their toxic, and they do this by spreading it through bodily fluids. And so, sex slaves at The Line are inseminated with this and are then meant to continue spreading it. But there's so much wrong with this, not just morally. But it could be done in a much better way to ensure that all inhabitants got it. Like, say, in the water? There's more that's inconsistent due to the lacking world building which brings the story down a bit since it's actually a vital part of the general story and the initial setup of the story.

Still, it's fact paced and the main characters are likable, and the writing is good. Overall, a decent read, and a decent series.