Terrorscape by Nenia Campbell

Terrorscape (Horrorscape) - Nenia Campbell
Nobody wants to believe that existence carries on without at least taking a stumble from their departure of this world.

Terrorscape picks up where Horrorscape ended. Gavin believes he killed Valerian, only to find out she is still alive. And so it begins: creepy Gavin is back, and this time he intends to finish what he started.

Terrorscape, I'd say, is a great character study. It's finally now we see how everything affects Valerian, what she is ready and aren't ready to do to get her life back. It brings out the darkest parts of Gavin, our villain. Valerian, despite being too stupid to live at times during this series, is still captivating in her character and behavior. The portrayal of her psyke is superb, to be honest. Even now, with a new name and new life, she's still haunted by what Gavin did to her, and it shows in every single thing she does.

And Gavin. I said he went for it in the second book, but I was wrong. This is when his mad genius gets to shine, which is unlucky for anyone who stands in his way. He's such a well written character, such a complex villain. There's nothing simple about him, and that's what makes him such a wonderful villain. Villains are not black and white, they are complex people with more than one side.

Looking at this series as a whole though, it is clear that the first book is best. Yes, Gavin gets creepier over time, but it's the initial meeting with him that is still the most captivating. The first book is so realistic, and that for me, is more creepy than some over the top horror movie. That said, the third book is almost as good, with the exception of not being quite as captivating. On the whole, a great series!