New Adult Project: Final Numbers

2015 is officially over and that means it's time to publish the results of my year of reading New Adult!

For this update there will be a lot of numbers. There's been that in the previous updates as well, but this time it's a slightly different approach to presenting them. In the previous updates only the top three most common tropes in each category was presented. This time all tropes will be included, ranked by percentage with the highest at the top and lowest at the bottom. The first number is: 106, which is the total amount of books that are included in this project. The second is 17, which is the average of tropes these books have.

Without further ado, here are the tropes for New Adult:

photo The Heroine_zps3obeyrxo.jpg

photo The Hero_zpstgnzyvku.jpg

photo The Past_zpskoooafit.jpg

photo BackgroundsOccupation_zpsfyhwo43b.jpg

photo DiversityCharacters_zpsxgrklrvz.jpg

photo The Plot_zpsduh1tn0u.jpg

Those are all tropes and their respective percentage. There are a few of these tropes that require some clarification.
- damaged. This trope contain a number of traits such as trust issues, extreme guilt, and more. It also include if the heroine/hero considers herself/himself damaged/broken.
- Lack of positive girl relationships. This does not necessarily mean that the heroine has no female friends. Rather, it means that the heroine see friends as "enemies", competition in education, relationships, work, and so on. More often than not though, the heroine in question has no or very few female friends.
- submissive and dominant. These refer to the submissive and the dominant in a BDSM relationship.
- Phrases from male to female MC The phrases are "You deserve better than me", "stay away from me", and the hero telling the heroine that she/they are not ready for sex. It doesn't have to be these phrases word by word, but it is rather the thought behind them that counts.

Now for more numbers, this time in 3 different diagrams. In them, the number of tropes are compared to average ratings, number of ratings, and the number of followers the author has. (All numbers are from 31 of January, 2016.)

photo TROPES AVERAGE RATING_zpspnundfcd.jpg
The first diagram shows the number of tropes on the vertical axis, and the average rating on the horisontal axis. As seen, the majority of books are in the span of 3.8 - 4.2 of average rating and in the span of 15-20 tropes.

photo TROPES FOLLOWERS_zpsugpvcjec.jpg
The second diagram shows the number of tropes on the vertical axis, and the number of followers the author has on the horisontal axis.

photo RATINGS_zps7foipsef.jpg
The third diagram shows the number of tropes on the vertical axis, and the number of ratings on the horisontal axis. From this we can see that close to all books that have more than 20,000 ratings have at least 15 tropes in them.

(If the pictures are unclear or too small, you should be able to click on them or open in a new window to see them better.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These are the final numbers, and I personally find them quite interesting. Last year about this time I had some thoughts about what the numbers would be in the end. Some are actually a bit surprising; some I expected to be higher and some lower.

Now, these are only the numbers, which can say a lot in themselves, but I plan on writing more about this project. Some conclusions, some personal musings. Not in this update, however, they will be up soon (hopefully). But I will tell my future plans for reading New Adult. As I still have New Adult titles on my shelves, I will still read this genre, but not to the extent I did in 2015. Seeing as I know the tropes by heart now, I will keep an eye out for them while reading New Adult, and I will add the number of tropes in the reviews.

But, as said, next up is conclusions and thoughts on this project in its entirety as well as the New Adult genre. I hope to get these updates up soon, and I hope to have them all up by the end of March. (It depends on how much time my classes will take up).