Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

Crash into You - Katie McGarry

You know shit is bad when you're rooting for the bad guy.

And I did. Why?

The driver shuts down the engine, opens the door and a halo of sunshine slides out of the car and into the light of the only working streetlamp. Fuck me. God does exist and he sent an angel in a white Mustang to prove it.

Because the badass Isaiah, who was the main reason I bothered with the second book in the first place, turned out to be the biggest disappointment of the year (and yes, I am confident this will still be true eleven months from now). In the two first book, he was the strong, silent type that didn't take shit. In this book he's just a bore. He turned into the clichéd bad boy with parental issues. There was no depth to him any more. And also, he refers to Rachel as angel 46 times, the first time being one second after he sees her for the first time. Tell me that is not boring on a level I wish was new, but this is rather common but it's still as boring and annoying.

The other one, the guy they call Isaiah, doesn’t freak me out, though he should.

Did I mention there is no build up to this relationship? From the go they are pretty much "let's do this". There's not much that actually draws them together. With Echo and Noah I understood why they were drawn to each other, but these two? Not so much. All they (especially Isaiah) complain about how they are not from the same world and she's too good for his and blah, blah, blah. And you're never allowed to forget it because it's referred to on about every single page.

Hell yes, she’s hot and my mind won’t stop replaying the twelve different ways I could possibly do her, but she’s not that type of girl.

Isaiah didn't just loose his personality, he adapted a trait that a bunch of New Adult heroes have. Categorizing women into the ones that are "too good to have sex" and "the other ones". Yeah, Isaiah, I'm judging you for that one.

Crash Into You also shows that the books in this series are written based on the same formula. Good girl/boy meets bad girl/boy. They have issues with their parents. They fall in love. Drama with family. Family drama is resolved. They have a happy ending. Really, Crash Into You would've stood out more had it not been for the two previous books with basically the same plot with a few alterations. What more is that the resolutions at the end of these books are all a little too convenient. Rachel's issues with her family is taken care of a little to easily, if you ask me, after nearly two decades of tension.

I wanted to love this. Isaiah was my favorite character until this book came along and turned his character upside down. I'd thought he'd have a rougher edge than Noah had, not be the same "rough on the outside, softie on the inside" type that's been done so many times. Unfortunately, Isaiah's character lost it's appeal the moment he saw Rachel.