End of Days by Susan Ee

End of Days - Susan Ee
‘Spare me your self-centered teen angst.’

This line, told by a character that is barely in the story, sums up how I feel about End of Days. The last installment of the trilogy about the end of the world and Penryn opens up where the second left off. Penryn is back with Raffe and they must face what's to come.

Throughout the second book, World After I was quite happy with Raffe's absence. Penryn's obsession with describing his looks was bad enough without him actually being presence. I fear what it'd be like with him around and her constantly going on and on about his looks. End of Days proves that fear was valid. The fierce heroine that Penryn once was is replaced by a hormonal and angsty teenager. She lets her hormones guide her (which results in her sexually assaulting Raffe). After two books where she has proved herself capable of defending herself, now she relies on Raffe more often than not.

Speaking of Raffe. He had some questionable lines in the end of World After. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but it doesn't take long before we're back with him forcing his gender roles on Penryn. He also turns out to be quite the idiot. How about indulging in a make out session in the middle of Hell where every living organism is out to kill you? That's a sure way to get yourself killed. But by this book's logic, that's not the outcome.

All logic has fled the building. End of Days is littered with holes, both in regards to the plot and the world. Too many questions are left unanswered, even the most basic ones. Like about the angels' motive for coming to Earth in the first place. It's all one giant clusterfuck of holes. Instead of using logic and make it different from the other YA fantasy series, this one goes downhill with the rest of them. It's all too predictable what will happen and how things will go for Penryn and Raffe.

Instead of being an epic ending to a good series, it turned into an epic disappointment.