#Nerd by Cambria Hebert

#Nerd - Cambria Hebert

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I'm losing my patience with New Adult. Okay, to be fair, started losing that a long time ago. Around the time when I first read about a hero that is supposed to be sexy for being abrasive, arrogant, overconfident, rude, and a complete ignorant moron. And our hero of this story, well, he is all that.

The plot: Socially inept geeky girl Rimmel is forced to tutor failing handsome jock Romeo. When Romeo wants to join a frat, he must accomplish an assignment, which happens to be to sleep with Rimmel. Not the most original plot, but I'll take it.

It is, however, painfully awkward to read this story. To be honest, few NA stories that take place at college actually manage to capture what it's like to actually go to college. It is not like high school with it's cliques and "the popular crowd", and you sure as hell aren't looked down upon for actually studying. Which, of course, is how it's done in this book. It felt like high school kids playing wannabe college kids. That feeling is reinforced what with Romeo being the school's "celebrity" and everyone knows his business. I don't buy it. Sorry, but I want a stories that take place at college to portray a realistic setting of one.

Which brings us back to our main characters. I won't spend too much time on our heroine who's a walking stereotype of a nerd. Geeky, clumsy, pays no attention to her appearance, blushing... you get it. That didn't change throughout the book. So... Romeo. Introducing the moron:

I wasn’t used to girls trying to get away from my touch. “Are you a lesbian?”

She probably was a virgin. I mean, look at her.

The Wolves were my family. We watched each other’s backs and we didn’t try to break down one of our over petty jealousy shit.
That shit was for women.

I was not amused by his antics. I especially did not care for his little stunt in the end, which, I will rage about in the spoiler.


Another assignment Romeo must go through is to steal something from the Dean's office. Which he does, but then the president of the frat, Zach, who doesn't like Romeo sets him up to get caught by the police. You see, Romeo was supposed to bring what he took (in this case, a nameplate) to a party, and of course Zach has informed the cops. But things happen and Romeo manages to get out of that. So in the end, he sets up Zach as the thief instead of himself. He is falsely accusing Zach of stealing the nameplate. Romeo brings the police in who finds the nameplate in Zach's room and they arrest him. I'll agree that Zach was a piece of shit, but he did not actively hurt anyone. In fact, he didn't really do anything that would hurt anybody. Here's the thing: Zach's antics didn't hurt anyone. Falsely accusing someone of theft, now that's an entire different matter. It stays in his record and can cause trouble for years to come. So yeah, forgive me if I'm a bitch, but Romeo is the one way out of fucking line, not to mention the one who actually did steal in the first place.

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Rant aside, I was not amused by this book. Not in the least. And yeah, it's mostly Romeo's fault. And a little bit because we're supposed to have a nerdy girl (I consider being a nerd something positive), but yet there's no geeky jokes or anything like that. Just a walking stereotype, and I've had enough of those to last a lifetime.