Until Alex by J. Nathan

Until Alex - J.  Nathan

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My apartment was a revolving door of one-night stands, each convinced they’d be the one to change my ways. And never once did I feel bad for tossing them out after I screwed them. They knew exactly what they were getting when they agreed to go home with me.

Does this sound familiar? It should, at least if you've read more than 10 New Adult stories. Which is about what you get withUntil Alex. But let's hold that thought for a minute and let's see what this story is about.

Meet Hayden. You've met him before: brooding, handsome, and a sleeps with anything that moves. Of course, Hayden has his reasons for not letting people close to him. He's got his childhood and another big secret he wishes for no one to know about. Enter does Alex. She moves in with her aunt, who happens to be Hayden's landlord. Alex catches Hayden's eye when she sits outside crying a few days after she moves in to live across the hall from him. He's immediately drawn to her, and Alex is immediately drawn to Hayden who happens to soothe her with his mere presence even if they haven't spoken a word to each other. So after their first meeting, neither is quite ready to let the other go.

I'll be honest. When Alex claimed that Hayden's presence soother her grief as soon as he (quietly) sat down across from her, I lost interest in Alex's character. The instalove was strong in this one. Nevertheless, I hoped Hayden might bring something new to this genre's list of heroes. Did he?

Since when did I start daydreaming about girls? That shit didn’t happen to me. Hot girls surrounded me on a nightly basis. I had my pick. No need to think about them when they weren’t around. I’d just replace them with the next.
Sure, this girl’s looks might’ve caused my boxers to stand at attention, but something else ... Something I sensed watching her.

That would be a no. His days of bagging any girl he wants are gone, because... some reason. So of course he becomes a one woman guy after seeing Alex. He's the typical abrasive and violent guy I've come know too well after reading one too many New Adult books.

Back to the plot, because maybe that could still save this story, right? Well, that'd be another no. This book deals with some truly difficult matters such as abuse, murder, revenge porn, slutshaming (coming from the heroine), and a few other topics. None was handled with care. Like, for example, the revenge porn deal. A girl at Alex's college sends out a picture of Alex naked on the internet for the whole school to see. And the whole schooldoes see it. It's mentioned once or twice. The story never take on the topic like it should; this kind of act causes a lot of consequences that have a heavy impact on the victim's life. How does this book solve it? Well, our hero Hayden threatens the girl who uploaded the picture, and that's it. If you find that a plausible (and realistic) portrayal, then I suggest you educate yourself on this matter. As said, this was one example, but the other topics were taken care of in the same insensitive manner.

Besides the usage of these heavy topics as plot devices what's left of the plot are recycled cliché scenes. Or the weirdest mashup of all time, as I said in an update. High school Musical/Twilight/Grease. Or something like that. To sum up: this story didn't bring anything new to the table, and how certain topics were handled didn't satisfy me.