The Love Game by Emma Hart

The Love Game - Emma  Hart

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Why I still - YES,STILL! - hate New Adult, part 4

She's not hot enough to bang though, so she won't be around for that long.

Because in New Adult, we divide the main female characters from other female characters by categorizing them as 'bangable'.

"If I'm gonna play this guy at his own game and make him fall in love with me, he's gonna respect me while he does it.”
“And that, honey, is why you are the perfect girl for the job.”

Because in New Adult, it is always the 'good girl' that is the only one to cure the hero. Because she is worth respect, unlike the other sexually active women in the story.

Ugh. Go look in a mirror and practice being a Barbie doll. She's practically a life-size one anyway.

Because in New Adult, if a woman who is not the heroine shows any interest in the hero, she is devoid of human emotions and is not worth treating with respect.

“The fact I nearly punched him in the face.”
“Why would I think any differently? Isn't that what you're supposed to do?”

Because in New Adult, violence is encouraged. (And in this case, if a man tells the truth, he deserves a punching, apparently.)

"Angel, it's only because I know you're not like most girls."

Because in New Adult, you're expected to love a hero that looks down on the women he sleeps in.

""Don't fuck with me, Braden. Not today. I'm not gonna sit here and deal with a bunch of fake-boobed whores coming up to me and telling me how I'm not your 'usual type'."

Because in New Adult, the heroine slutshames the women that used to sleep with the hero.

And some other reasons for disliking this book
Stereotyping of bisexuality. Some truly disturbing conversations. A predictable plot. The book is in dire need of editing. The hero. The heroine. All their friends.

I think that's it.