Façade by Nyrae Dawn

Facade - Nyrae Dawn

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Quick review.

Façade is the story of Delaney and Adrian. Delaney seeks out Adrian due to her father's involvement in the death of Adrian's nephew. She does this in hope to find some closure. Except, instead of telling Adrian the truth about who she is, they grow closer and are soon in a relationship. None of this is a spoiler as it is to basic plot.

Unfortunately Façade misses the point greatly. It suffers from bad pacing and not to mention it doesn't handle the topic at hand gracefully. For all Delaney swears she only wants closure, it takes her forever to confess her true identity to Adrian, even though she has many chances. And Adrian wasn't fleshed out enough for me to truly connect with. The ending felt forced as it did not give room for exploration of the psychological impact on Adrian of learning the truth about Delaney. Instead of choosing this the story's main focus, once again, love heals everything.