Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Taking Chances - Molly McAdams
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"You know how I am Carter, I need to be surrounded by guys. And not in a slutty way."

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Welcome to a new episode of Amanda rants! This episode: A whiny moron, two idiot guys whose sole purposes in life are to love the whiny moron, a non-existing plot, slutshaming, sexism, misogyny, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Here's the thing: If I rated books by the level of emotions it evoked in me, this one is a clear five. Imagine endless hours of constant rage. That's the relationship between me and this book. Rage. I do rate books from how they affect me. How I feel reading them. Rage isn't something I exactly reward though, so here I am. Preparing a rant that might last for as long as this book (which was about 300 pages too long since it had zero plot, but more on that later). Fair warning: I have nothing good to say about this book. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Be prepared for that.

Taking Chances is, hands down, the worst book I've read for my New Adult Project. It doesn't have a plot. Every single character was awful. The writing is amateurish. It's full of shaming. It's full of misogyny and sexism. I don't even know where to start with it all, but here goes. Introducing: Harper.

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Harper - whose name I couldn't remember a single time throughout reading this - is our heroine. She is not a slut or a whore or a tramp. That's, according to her, the most important thing. That introducing quote is from her, and the gif is my reaction. In my head, I mentally slapped this girl so many times. My palm twitched more times than Mr. Grey's did. Okay, so what personality does our heroine have? None. As I said, her most defining feature is that SHE IS NOT A SLUT. But surely Harper must have some other qualities, right? Well, maybe. I don't know about them. All I know is that she grew up on a military base with her distant father. Then she moves to go to college. And... I don't know. Her major? Her interests? Her hobbies? Her dreams? Fuck if I know. I guess that wasn't important when she has not only two, but three guys lusting after her. Okay, maybe I can give her that she's self-centered, whiny, and acts like a spoiled toddler. Anyway, if the most important thing about Harper is that she isn't a slut, then the second most important thing to her is that all other women are.
I almost didn't recognize you without a tramp attached to you.

*calming breath*

Clearly women aren't her friends. She even says so herself. At one point she says she doesn't have female friends except for her best friend (who, of course, isn't a whore or slut or tramp or whatever) and her best friend's mom - who she starts calling mom as well after a month. Like seriously, what the fuck is up with that? I just felt glad for all the people that weren't this girl's friend. She's awful. Judgmental, whiny like a toddler, and just an awful human being. Then I understood why her best friend was friend with her. She's just as much of a slutshamer as Harper is. And she also says stuff like
“He's gay?”
“I'm sorry but you're going to tell me that a straight guy had you in his bed for three whole days and didn't try anything with you?”

Yes, we get it, men are animals and can only think with their dicks. Or maybe they are human beings with actual feelings and are capable of making decisions without conferring with their dicks first.

Moving on, because I can't stand these two any longer.

Introducing our two love interests: Chase and Brandon. Personalities? They love Harper. That's it. From the moment they see her, they are convinced they will marry her. And that's about the extent of who they are. They both like to fight with their fists. Chase sleeps around a lot. Brandon, not quite as much. Brandon fights for money. They fight each other over Harper. I'm serious, that's it. But, if they don't really have personalities, how can you dislike them, Amanda? I'll tell you why. Well, Chase feels it's his responsibility to make a girl he literally jut met sleep in his room. It's not like she has a say in it. And neither Chase nor Brandon make a stand when Harper goes on her slutshaming tirades. So they are guilty by default. Especially since Chase makes it clear how Harper is not a slut, but never mentions that the girls that sleep with him aren't.

What else was there to this story... Oh right. Sexism. Like.
Males and their constant need to be violent.

Let's change that quote to something more truthful. Amanda and her constant need to be violent when reading this book. At least that's true. Unlike this quote and it's blatant sexism.

And the misogyny.
Chase and his nightly tramp snickered as they walked outside and I took off for his room. I should have known he would lock it while people were here, but I was two seconds from breaking it in so Brandon wouldn't see the embarrassment covering my face.

The reason Harper is embarrassed is because people told Brandon she is a virgin. So, in the same paragraph we're shaming a woman for being sexually active and implying a woman should be embarrassed for being a virgin. Read that again. That's the message this book sends out. Basically, if you're a woman, you should be ashamed of your sexuality, no matter what. However, the next minute, Harper's virginity is something holy that one of our love interests "doesn't deserve". So what do we have: we have shaming women for their sexual lives, shaming women because of their virginity, while at the same time treating virginity like the Holy Grail. My response is that this book can go fuck itself. Preferably in a trashcan.

What next? The writing. It's amateurish. It lacks editing. All this is painfully obvious when the book has no plot so the writing must carry the story since, a, the characters suck, and be, there is, as said, no plot. It isn't good enough to do that, obviously. There's a huge problem with telling and no showing. It doesn't evoke a single emotion in me. (All my rage was induced by subject matter and the idiocy of the characters.) The pacing is off. The last 30% is about Harper's mundane life, which, I have one of my own, thank you very much, I don't need to read about hers.

And with that, I think I can end this episode of Amanda rants. Thanks for reading!