Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre

Sometimes Never  - Cheryl McIntyre

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There once was a girl named Hope. She was a special snowflake in a desert. This girl was so unique, like, totally unique that, get this, she liked different kinds of music! *gasp* That's how special she was. But our special snowflake had such a terrible past that she's incapable of love. She doesn't trust. She'sdamaged. So now she's a cutter.

Enter does a young man named Mason. He sees our special snowflake, and, like totally, falls in love with her before speaking to our special snowflake. That's how special she is. In his own words:

Everything about her is different. Singular. Special.

But you know, our hero isn't the typical guy either. What with his, also, tragic past. He's unable to form stable relationships, especially with women. So he's the love 'em and leave 'em type of guy. Until he meet Special Snowflake. Within hours he goes from his old self and into:

I can’t remember ever being jealous of another guy before. But as I stand here watching Park, with his hands on Hope’s waist, kissing her, I kind of want to put my fist through his face.

*sighs* Who doesn't want an emotionally unstable guy whose go-to response is his fists? That's the dream!

But he's not the only one who's unaffected. Our can't trust or love people or let them get close heroine turns into:

I am not one of those girls, the kind that get all flirty and giggly over every cute boy that walks by. But my stomach instantly fills with butterflies on speed and I feel giddy and nervous at the same time.

So they are in love. So their epic love story continues. With, like, judging people by what kind of music they listen to. Saying deep stuff like:

But who wants to listen to a song about how devoted we are to possessions or our friends and the people we’re ingrained to love due to our DNA or living arrangements?

'Cause family and friends aren't important. No one wants to listen to songs about that. Like, totally, right?

"A person who likes music focusing on the lyrics is most likely deeper than someone who wants to dance to techno."

Like, people who listen to classical music with no lyrics must be like, totally non-deep, like, flat. And like, people who listen to techno must be idiots. Right?

And we have our hero Mason saying stuff like:

That’s my job. I’m supposed to take care of her. I’m supposed to calm her when she freaks out. I’m the one that’s supposed to always be there.

It's more important that he be the one to cure Hope from her psychological trauma and cutting than, like, a professional. It's, like, more romantic that way, ya'know?

Like, totally.