Into the Deep by Samantha Young

Into the Deep - Samantha Young

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Items ticked off: 10

I liked it. Coming from me, that's a huge thing when it comes to the New Adult genre. Into the Deep did good on my project. It avoided a lot of the tropes (most of those I hate the most). It's a solid read with some great moments, some touching moments, and at one point I felt the need to stand up and applaud or hero. I know, I'm as shocked as you are.

Into the Deep is a second chance love story. Charley is planning to have good time while studying abroad for a year. Only problem is that when she finds herself eye to eye with her ex Jake. And they did not end on the best terms. Charley's been doing her best to move forward with her life, but there are still unresolved business between them. Maybe things aren't quite over?

These characters are flawed, let me tell you that. I struggled with Charley for several reasons, but I also sympathized with her. At least until the last 5%, but I'm ready to look past that. And Jake. Oh, Jake. He can be such an asshole, but damn, he won me over. At one point, Jake and Charley has a discussion on sexual partners, and more importantly, the word slut. Jake is not some sexist piece of shit. No, he made it very clear that women are not sluts for sleeping with men. And damn, that alone made him better than about 90% of the NA heroes. So thanks, I needed someone like that. Even if Jake had other flaws, I still felt for him. I cared.

Into the Deep doesn't have much of a plot, though. But I was okay with that too. The characters were developed enough to carry the story when the plot staggered. Sure, the pacing was a bit off at places, and the plot wasn't that strong. Still. I kept reading and learned about these people. And sometimes that is enough for me. This was one of those times.

The worst part though, was that, while this book sidestepped the whole slutshaming thing that New Adult has going on, it took on girl-on-girl hate. And it's a lot. It was prominent often, and it was one of the biggest reasons why Charley didn't work. It made her unlikable in a way that probably wasn't intended to be so. Basically, the book made it sound as if a woman is confident and successful, you had to hate said woman. No. This is not true.Come on, aren't we behind this mentality?

Anyway, that said, Into the Deep was still a good read. Witty dialogue and fleshed out characters. Sweet and sexy moments. Interesting backstory. Well written. Basically all I wished the standard New Adult book was.