Connected by Kim Karr

Connected - Kim Karr

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Items ticked off: 15

His eyes aside, the words handsome and gorgeous weren't strong enough adjectives to describe him.

Clearly they weren't given that that 50% of this book was dedicated to describe how handsome the hero was. Am I harsh? Pfft. Don't think so. I'll break down the book's plot. Dahlia meets a hot stranger one night. They CONNECT. But she has a boyfriend. Oh, look at that, an accident that end badly, and now the boyfriend is out of the picture. Fast forward a year. Dahlia meets hot stranger again. He's got. He's in love with her already. They fuck. And then mundane life. Epilogue ends with a cheap cliffhanger. That sums up the entire book. There's some minor drama, but it's solved within a few pages so that doesn't count. But basically, all this is about is how insanely gorgeous our hero, River, is.

Let's break it down into numbers instead, shall we?


Here is the word count for:
attractive: 27
Powerful (green) eyes: 15
Connect: 67 (!)
Beautiful: 112 (!!!)

I am not amused.

Apart from River's hotness, the other 50% of the time, it's about how "connected" these two characters are. First off all, River didn't have a personality, so I don't see how he had any substance to be connected with in the first place, but whatever. And our Dahlia... well, she wasn't much better. She's your standard NA heroine who is only defined by how much her boyfriend luvs her. Gag. How am I supposed to take her serious when she says shit like:

He definitely was not a stalker. He was a guy that was adorably charming and utterly charismatic, a guy who had a simple ease about him that I really liked, and a guy I didn’t ever need to see again.

Yup, all stalkers are strange, ugly weirdos. (Not gonna argue there aren't stalkers like that, but please, give me a break.)

And back to River. I said he didn't have substance. I'm real. He barely sounds like a real person. Like, for example:

“I wasn’t just kissing you. I was also whispering in your mouth."

I rolled my eyes so hard they fell out of their sockets. Or I wished they had, because at least that way I hadn't needed to continue reading this.

Last but not least, other details. Like, the POV switch around the 80% mark? Did it serve a purpose? Nope. Did it add anything to the story that the reader couldn't already figure out? Nope. Did it add anything to River's character? Nope. So, completely unnecessary. I also mentioned a cliffhanger, right? Yeah... cheap, that's all I can say. If the author had cut out all the admiration of River's abs or whatnot, and their supposed incredible connection, she could've fit the second book - which I refuse to read - into this first. That way, this one might even had a plot. Oh well, what can you do?