Tall, Tatted and Tempting by Tammy Falkner

Tall, Tatted and Tempting - Tammy Falkner

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I've started this review about five times now and every time I end up ranting for far too long. Instead of boring you all with that, I'll list what didn't work for me.

1.The plotline was too weak. Kit is on the run from "something" when she meets our hero, Logan. Since they fall in instalust/love, he insist on that she must trust him, and by trusting him, it means telling him her real name and where she comes from. Something Kit obviously refuses, because, you know, reasons. Basically it's all about how he wants her to trust him, and her declaring that she does. How does Logan react to this? Well, he tries to manipulate her by withholding sex. Except, he doesn't. One second he's going down on her, the next telling her how she must trust him before they go ahead with whatever they have. That's not a solid plotline, not in my book. And it got repetitive real fast.

2. Kit's supposedly big secret wasn't that big. And if she really did trust him, she had no reason not to tell Logan about it. It was just a failed attempt at creating suspense, but when the cat was out of the bag, I was just disappointed.

3. Kit's a terrible character. She slutshames, judges, and is generally making the dumbest decisions she could possibly make. Throughout the entire book, all I thought was boo freaking hoo, poor little Kit. Needless to say, she did not appeal in the least.

4. This book is full of constant slutshaming. But that's not the worst. It's full of sexism and misogyny as well. Like when Kit feels the need to explain that she's not a virgin, but she's quick reassure Logan that she "hasn't been with a lot of guys or anything". Because that somehow makes her so much better than all the other women? No. Just no.

5. It lacks proper editing. Like, for instance, Logan is deaf. Yet, at one point he "hears" the lock click shut? That's a thing that shouldn't be in here, and that's just one of the things that should've been edited.

In conclusion: this was bad.