New Adult Porject: Update #3

Third update. Total number of books read so far: 85

 photo The Heroine_zps1m6cx9qq.jpg
 photo The Hero_zps4aggi3id.jpg
 photo The Past_zpsraancgnt.jpg
 photo OccupationBackground_zpsrrdn9sfk.jpg
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 photo The Plot_zpsn0mzuujz.jpg
Let's compare with the last update:

The Heroine
Jealousy is still at the top, but damaged and excessively good looking have switched places, as well as the percentage on both of them is lower.

The Hero
Sensing a pattern, huh? Sexually active tops the list again, even less competition than the last update.Jealousy continues to hold second place, but with a lower percentage. It's been reduced with over 10 percentage points. Damaged has to share the bronze this time with Tattoos.

The Past
No big changes here. Shattered Family Life, Abuse/Assault, and Terminal Illness stays in place, only minor changes in percentage. Last update Terminal Illness shared the third spot with Former Cheating Partner, but the latter lost this time.

On the rest, Diversity, Occupation, and Plot, there's not much to say. Some differences, but it's still the same three in top with slightly difference percentages.

Overall thoughts
Since the statistics are basically the same I don't have new comments to them. The damaged and jealousy percentages are too high, both for the heroine and the hero category. The lack of diversity is, well, severely lacking. Sexual shaming... let's not get me started on that one. The happy endings combined with the top three for heroine & hero isn't sitting well with me either.

I've briefly tried to see if there's any correlation between average rating, number of ratings, and publishing date, but I haven't seen any greater tendencies so far. Some quick details though: When checking the number of ratings, the top tree all have 28, 25, 23 tropes checked off. They are also all published in late 2012 or early 2013. They are also all written by influential authors in this particular genre.

Top Three with most tropes:
28 Tropes : Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines
26 Tropes : Sweet Home by Tillie Cole
25 Tropes : The Edge of Never by J.A: Redmerski