By Way of Accident by Laura Miller

By Way of Accident - Laura     Miller

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Courage takes over. And it acts alone.

It pains me to write this review. I've enjoyed Miller's works in the past. Her book My Butterfly was a hit with me as I loved the writing. Given, that book had a predictable plot, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. So when I saw the blurb to this book I was really excited. A boy goes looking for his long lost love? Yeah, I was all in for that. It sounded different from other New Adult stories, and I wished for as much.

Unfortunately, while the hero, River, is a likable character, there isn't much to him or his story. He met a girl when he was thirteen, and then she moved away. Ever since, he's been a bit hung up on her. They decide to stay in touch when she moves, but after a while the letters stop coming. I got that River, at the age of thirteen, couldn't just go looking for her. What I didn't except was that we had to actually read the coming years while he goes about and does nothing of importance. It takes a long time for this book to get where the blurb said. It takes over half the book for River to actually get to the searching part.

Basically, the pacing was off. There's not much happening in River's life between the point where Brooke (the girl) leaves and until River goes looking for him. There's some high school love, some family events, and such. Nothing that deepened my understanding for River's character as he's mostly thinking about Brooke. And when he finds her... extremely anticlimactic.

Needless to say, I was disappointed. Where did the suspense go? Where did the plot go? Where did the good writing I wished for go? Because, sure, the writing is all right. A higher quality than other New Adult books, but it wasn't that special. Good. That's the grade I'm willing to give. The most complex character was River, of course, but everyone else... nothing. This Brooke, this supposedly oh so special girl that he fell in love with, what do I know of her? Well, nothing, really. At thirteen, I got that he fell in love with her. Hell, I fell in love with guys at first sight at the age of thirteen. Several of them. But nine years later and he's still pining for her - and he barely knew her in the first place. That's not my version of romance, and I require a little more of my characters than them being defined by someone else's love for them.

Disappointed, that's me.