With Every Heartbeat by Melody Grace

With Every Heartbeat - Melody Grace

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With Every Heartbeat is a quick, light, and fluffy read. We're in Rome where Annalise is with the American Ballet Company, hoping to get her big break and become one of the most sought after ballerinas. She's going in her mother's footsteps, a mother that was once the biggest star in the ballet world. But Annalise is doubtful at times. Is she good enough? Can she live up to her true self in her mother's shadow? And what if ballet isn't worth giving up everything for? But she's in Rome, because right now she doesn't have any other options. Ballet is what she does best. But one day, she gets a little lost and ends up spotting a group of dancers on the streets of Rome. There she spots Raphael. Beautiful, sensual, Rapahel. Who is the one to save her when her purse is stolen by a kid on the streets. When Rapahel invites Annalise to a party, their story is on the go.

I mean what I said. This is a light and fluffy read. There are some issues with both Annalise and Raphael's families, but they are brief and doesn't take up that much space. Theoretically, Annalise and Raphael are cute together. But the massive insta love (or at least insta-lust turned love) isn't my thing, but yes, I saw why people find them adorable. Personally, they move a little too fast for my tastes and we don't get to know Raphael intimately so I never swooned over him.

Annalise on the other hand is... a decent character. I mean, she's the character that's been done a million times before. Shy, inexperienced, naive, and highly emotional. She's insecure to a fault, with good reasons though, and there's nothing that really makes her stand out among all the other million heroines in both New Adult and Young Adult literature. But even if she's been done a million times before, she's an all right character.

The last part I want to mention is that this book is very similar to Lizzie McGuire The Movie. The setting, certain aspects of the plot, conversations and lines... I had the strongest urge to watch the movie as I haven't seen it in years. Oh, and look at that, I have time over so I guess it's no surprise what I'll do once I finish this review.

Overall, a good read. Nothing special, but definitely worth the read if you're looking for something breezy and not too heavy on angst. The writing is good at times. Actually, it's good whenever Annalise isn't on hormonal overdrive (which is all the time around Raphael). In the realm of New Adult literature, this one is a nice little gem!